The defender

David is a boy who lives in a humble district and who dreams about being a masked hero like those in his comics. One day he decides to take a course from which there is no going back, to once and for all finish off "the villain", an evildoer played in the

"El defensor"

Director: Manuel H. Martín
Writers: Manuel H. Martín, Jorge Laplace
Stars: Mateo Rubinstein, Pablo Canela, Susana Galiana, Adolfo Moreno (voice)
Producers: La Claqueta PC

Sales Agent: La Claqueta PC
Countries: Spain
Languages: Spanish
Status: Released

  • Available on: Vimeo On Demand

La Boca del Lobo International Festival of Shorts
Festival de Jóvenes Realizadores de Granada
FIBABC. Iberoamerican Festival of Shorts
Huelva Iberoamerican Film Festival
Sevilla European Film Festival
Filming Against Violence
Mostra "Fire!"
Islantilla International Film Festival - Cine Forum
Toluca International Film Festival


RTVA Award Best Shorts Film
Desencaja Award Best Shorts Film

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