One Careful Owner

Sara's been offered to buy the perfect house: spacious, full of light, with nice views and a low prive. It only has a "small" inconvenience. Lola, the current owner, will live there untill the day she dies.

"El Inconveniente"

Director: Bernabé Rico
Writers: Bernabé Rico, Juan Carlos Rubio
Stars: Juana Acosta, Kiti Mánver, José Sacristán, Daniel Grao
Producers: El Inconveniente la Película AIE, La Claqueta PC, TalyCual Producciones, La Cruda Realidad

Sales Agent: Filmax International
Countries: Spain
Languages: Spanish
Status: Coming Soon

  • Available on: Filmin

Málaga Film Festival - Official Selection


Biznaga de Plata Best Actress (Kiti Mánver) - Málaga Film Festival

Biznaga de Plata Audience Award - Málaga Film Festival

Young Jury Prize - Málaga Film Festival

Asecan Award Best Debut Film - Málaga Film Festival

Signis Prize - Málaga Film Festival

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