Life in flames (film)

Andalucía, Summer. One of the worst areas in the world to fight against fire. To combat these fires a special operation exists, a body of elites who front the fires in a unique method: direct attack. This style of fire-fighting is called BRICA. With three

"La vida en llamas"

Director: Manuel H. Martín
Writers: Jorge Laplace, Jose Ortuño
Stars: Gustavo Vidal, Francisco Abarca, Antonio José Librero
Producers: La Claqueta PC, 93 Metros, Canal Sur Televisión

Sales Agent: Java Films
Countries: Spain
Languages: Spanish
Status: Released

  • Available on: Filmin

FICMA. Barcelona Film and Environment Festival
Environmental Film Festival in Albania
Ecozine Film Festival Zaragoza
Sevilla European Film Festival - Panorama Andaluz

3 ASECAN Awards Nomination

Best Sound Editing - ASECAN Award
Grand Prix 25th Anniversary Prize - Best Pitched proyect at Sunny Side of the Doc 2014
Batefuego de Oro

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