Animas is a thriller about Alex, a teenager who starts to experience horrific and unexplainable events that come to endanger her life. She finds out that her best friend Abraham is behind everything...


Director: Laura Alvea, Jose Ortuño
Writers: Jose Ortuño, Laura Alvea
Stars: Clare Durant, Iván Pellicer, Luis Bermejo, Liz Lobato, Ángela Molina
Producers: Animas la Película AIE, La Claqueta PC, Acheron Films, La Cruda Realidad (ESP), Raised by Wolves (BEL)

Sales Agent: Filmax International
Countries: Spain, Belgium
Languages: Spanish
Status: Released

  • Available on: Netflix

Sitges Festival - Noves Visions
Nuevo Cine Andaluz Film Festival - Casares, España

11 ASECAN Awards Nominations

Best featured film and Best Direction - Nuevo Cine Andaluz Film Festival
Best Cinematography - Asecan Award

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